Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global

Register to receive a CNY 280(USD 41) shipping coupon package

Register successfully, enter the member center 【News】 to check the coupons code, 280RMB coupons activation code respectively.

Over CNY 10(USD 1.5) no threshold shipping coupons *3
Over CNY 299 minus 20(USD 44-2.9)shipping coupons *2
Over CNY 399 minus 30(USD 58.7-4.4)shipping coupons*2
Over CNY 599 minus 50(USD 88.1-7.4)shipping coupons * 1
Over CNY 999 minus 100(USD 146.9-14.7)shipping coupons * 1

Instructions for using coupons:
1. Before the coupon is activated, the coupon will be valid forever, and you can activate it according to your needs
2. You need to activate the coupon every time you use it, copy the redemption code to enter Coupon Activationto complete activation
3. The coupon is valid for 1 month after activation, and will automatically expire after the expiration date
4. Each international package is limited to 1 coupon, and stacking is not supported
5. Coupons are automatically invalid after use, and returns are not supported

Coupon activation steps:

①Copy the activation code

②Click "Member Center-Coupon Activation" to enter

③Enter the coupon code

④Click to activate