[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

How to earn more SUGARGOO points

SUGARGOO points separate points which can be used for many great purposes and we will teach you how to earn benefits with points. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Tips for earning points: confirm the receipt of the package, and the points will be credited in seconds

You will get points when you spend on the SUGARGOO freight, amounting to 1 point per 1 yuan spent on the freight. After signing for the package, remember to check my package on the SUGARGOO platform, and you can get the corresponding points for package consumption after confirming the receipt.

Hurry up and check your unreceived points

Two tips for earning points: real reviews, rewards for points

SUGARGOO aims to provide high-quality service. We sincerely hope to improve on the bad events and will never let them occur again. We continue to optimize the good places and create a better experience to reward the supporters of SUGARGOO. So in order to collect and thank you for your real experience of SUGARGOO, now Launched [Rewards for Comment Points] campaign, which is valid for a long time.

Rules of the event:

 ● The SUGARGOO service and package comments on any of the following communities or social media are valid participation. After the comment, you can @Reddit官方SUGARGOO or contact the online customer service for feedback, and you can get points and rewards:

※Online shopping related communities: r/flexicas, r/designerreps, r/qualityreps, r/fashionrepsEurope, r/sneaker, r/repvirgins

1. For comments/sharing/likes related to text/photos/videos related to package receipt, you can get 1.2-1.3 points for the package shipping

2. For service-related text/photo/video comments/sharing/like, you can get 10-500 points as a gift

3. The above community/social media comments and sharing items, repeated invalid

4. The bonus points will be verified by the staff and presented to the account within 1 working day

Note: SUGARGOO points strictly belong to the rights and interests of sugargoo members. In order to protect the rights and interests of the sugargoo members, any form of malicious and abnormal means of utilizing points will be invalid. The final interpretation of the SUGARGOO points activity belongs to SUGARGOO respectively.

The above is all the tips and benefits for earning points. You can easily get points benefits. SUGARGOO looks forward to your participation. If you want to know more about benefits, please follow us~


If you want to know how many SUGARGOO points you have, please click here to check my points immediately  SUGARGOO points