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The story of China

The "Dragon Boat Festival" on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation.Every Dragon Boat Festival people will row dragon boats and eat rice ZongZis.It sustenance to meet the people's good fortune to receive a blessing,And the desire to get rid of evil spirits.This wish has a long history.


In ancient times, there was a patriot named Qu Yuan. He saw that his country was invaded, but he had no way to save his country. He was very desperate. He would rather die than be a prisoner, so he jumped into the river with patriotism. In order to save him, the people rowed and threw rice balls into the water to avoid eating Qu Yuan's body. Later, in memory of Qu Yuan, the day he jumped into the river was designated as the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a very moving story.


On this beautiful Dragon Boat Festival, SUGARGOO wishes you all the best, and COVID-19 will soon be over. Everyone is healthy and happy!