[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

I did not purchase the "Insured Parcel Service" and left tears of regret!

The customs "Triple Kill" my parcel! I did not purchase the "Insured Parcel Service" and left tears of regret!

The inspection/confiscation of parcels by customs during transportation had always been a problem that worries everyone!

International parcels sent abroad will need to go through foreign customs. The probability of parcels being taxed depends on the frequency of customs inspections and the policy impact. What should I do if the parcel is confiscated or taxed by the customs?

what to do?

Instead of being so scared, why not buy our Insured Parcel Service!

Insured Parcel Service launched by SUGARGOO! When the package is lost due to customs clearance, lost in the logistics provider's transshipment, or cannot be received due to other non-user’s own reasons, then you will get more comprehensive protection to reduce your loss and better protect your parcel.

SUGARGOO gives more protection to Sugargoo friends! Most lines are available for purchase of Insured Parcel Service.

Want to know how to buy this service? Click on the link below to have a look~

Insured Parcel Service:


SUGARGOO wholeheartedly provides you with higher service standard, guarantees your international transportation needs, and makes your persistence worthwhile!


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