April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z
April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z

【SUGARGOO New Tax-inclusive Line for EU Countries】DPD is now Online! The happiness of tax-Free, TRY IT NOW!

Tariff is an important factor that needs to be considered when parcels are sent.

If you are accidentally inspected by the customs, you need to pay taxes, and the freight, taxes, and fees will be bloody!

SUGARGOO always thinks about you, and launches the Tax-inclusive Line for EU Countries-DPD!

There are more countries that can be sent to than "DHL Tax-Free Air Mail", and it can be sent to almost all EU countries.


✔ Commercial clearance

Tax included (EU countries do not need to pay tax for declarations of less than 20 euros)

✔ Fast Shipping Time, (10-15 working days)

✔ Update logistics information after arriving in the destination country

✔ DPD delivery to destination country

✔ No need to pay surcharges for remote areas

✔ The upper limit of the weight that can be sent is higher!

Countries where DPD can be delivered

Amazing! Almost all EU countries can send the DPD route with tax included, which is simply awesome~

Not only that, under the new EU policy, SUGARGOO also has an Tax-inclusive Line for EU Countries-DHL Tax-Free Air Mail, you are welcome to experience it.


SUGARGOO wholeheartedly provides you with higher and better services. We guarantee your international transportation needs, and makes your persistence worthwhile!



If you have any questions about this logistics line, please contact SUGARGOO online customer service

For more details about the route, please click on the link: https://www.sugargoo.com/index/page/estimate.html