Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global

【SUGARGOO New Route-TOLL】 All Australian users are using it!

It does not accept any remoteness and fuel fees. The time is fast and stable, so that users from Australia will no longer be restricted by distance and region when shopping online.

SUGARGOO's new route! Australia's local high-quality express delivery-TOLL is now online!

With a history of more than 120 years, TOLL is Australia's largest transportation and logistics provider, with customs clearance and timeliness among the best in Australia.

The most important thing is that compared to commercial express such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX, TOLL does not charge remote fees and fuel costs! How convenient!

✔ Strong customs clearance ability

✔ Fast and stable shipping time, 7-10 working days

✔ The destination country is delivered from the whole territory of TOLL

✔ No remote costs and fuel costs

All of the above are the advantages of TOLL which can satisfy your needs! Is your heart beating?

Friends of Australia, what are you waiting for? Experience it now!

SUGARGOO wholeheartedly provides you with higher and better services, guarantees your international transportation needs, and makes your persistence worthwhile!