Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global

【SUGARGOO New Route-DHL DHL Tax-Free Air Mail】 Didn't the EU VAT understand?Don't study it, You must have the right to choose it!

Under the new EU policy on July 1, SUGARGOO thought about your suggestions and found a very good route to send to EU countries. This is the DHL DHL Tax-Free  Air Mail. The reason for choosing it:

✔Include tax

✔ Stable timeliness

✔10-20 working days

✔Triangular transportation route

DHL DHL Tax-Free  Air Mail is a tax-inclusive triangle transportation route. After customs clearance from domestic to Amsterdam, the transfer to Germany is completed. After arriving in Germany, there will be trajectory tracking, and the recipient does not need to pay any taxes! 

EU users are ready to start experience this convenient route!

SUGARGOO wholeheartedly provides you with higher and better services, guarantees your international transportation needs, and makes your persistence worthwhile!