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 [Insured Parcel Service]

SUGARGOO Free Anniversary T-shirts!

Hey, SUGARGOO friends! SUGARGOO thanks you for your company and trust over the past year. Your support is our greatest recognition.

SUGARGOO feels the enthusiasm of friends strongly, and now we are adding more benefits. Announcement about the final benefits of the anniversary: [SUGARGOO`s Anniversary T-shirt] is given to you for free! 

How to get it:

During the anniversary celebration (2021.8.16-9.2), your purchase order consumption amount (successful payment) has reached 1,200 yuan, and you can get a gift of [SUGARGOO`s Anniversary T-shirt]

Activity description:

1. Value-added service fees and activity product consumption are not included in the cumulative consumption amount.

2. Each user can only get one [SUGARGOO`s Anniversary T-shirt] as a gift.

3. The gift-giving event will be notified to you by email within 7 working days after the event ends, please check it carefully.

4【SUGARGOO`s Anniversary T-shirts】will be put in storage within 30 working days after you submit your order.

Note:The above activities are within the scope of the law, and the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to SUGARGOO. Any questions can be answered by our online customer service.

Anniversary is coming to an end!

In this grand anniversary party, we gave out super discount lucky bags, large shipping coupons, official authentic AJ1 basketball shoes, and a 20% OFF shipping fee.

We thank you to all the users for your support and trust to SUGARGOO. We will bring you better service and experience in the future. SUGARGOO makes your persistence become worthwhile!


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