[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

【New SUGARGOO line】OMG! Can you get to Australia and New Zealand in 3-5 days?

SUGARGOO has launched three new logistics lines, UPS (HK), FEDEX (CN), and NL-BRAM-Z, which will bring good news to our families in Australia and New Zealand!


Carried by UPS. It is one of the largest express carriers in the world, and a century-old transportation company.

 Free fuel surcharges & residential surcharges, plus a faster line is also coming! UPS (HK).

 Line advantages:

  •  Commercial customs clearance model
  •  5-10 working days (fast timeliness)
  •  Free fuel surcharge and residential surcharge
  •  Tax is paid by the payee


During on holiday weekends or on a friend`s birthday, what should I do if I want to send a gift to my friend with a fast-paced logistics and transportation route?

 The following logistics line is FEDEX (CN) to meet your needs~

 FEDEX (CN) has a fast-shipping timeline and can reach to Australia in 3-5 days. The newly launched FEDEX(CN) is officially carried by Huizhou~

Line advantages:

  •  Commercial customs clearance model
  •  3-5 working days (Fast Timeliness)
  •  Tax is borne by the recipient


When I don`t have much to send, how can I choose a route with a more suitable price?

SUGARGOO recommends a new logistics line for you with a lower price——NL-BRAM-Z

Line advantages:

  •  Lower price
  •  15-20 working days
  •  The logistics track information can be found online 4-5 days after delivery
  •  Strong customs clearance ability

 Strictly no return service and it is recommended to send low-valued items.

For families in Australia and New Zealand, try your parcels now~ 

SUGARGOO provides professional international transportation and logistics services for the family. We will go all out to bring you the best experience for every package transportation.

SUGARGOO makes your persistence more worthwhile!