Make it easy for global “ From China to Global
Make it easy for global “ From China to Global


Great benefits hit in April! Big discounts for you!

SUGARGOO NEW START NOW”! A variety of good items wait for you!

Date: 7th APRIL-20th APRIL (14days)


Benefit one: Special Lucky Draw and be one of 20 Lucky Winner!


SUGARGOO will hold a lucky draw. 20 lucky winners will be drawn. The winners will enjoy free shopping. It is on the house and the maximum deduction amounts to 1000 RMB!



1. About the Way of participation: Users shall consume in SUGARGOO and paying successfully during the activity. You need to leave comments on the Lucky draw post and then you are deemed to participate in the activity. Users participated will have the chance to get free shopping.

Note: SUGARGOO will publish two Lucky draw posts, which will draw 10 users each time at 18:00 on April 16 and April 20.

>>>Lucky draw post link on 16TH April

>>>Lucky draw post link on 20TH April

1. About the comment: The content could be "OG order ID of goods successfully consumed during the activity + any comment". The number of comments is unlimited. Users can comment in two Lucky draw posts, but each winner can win the prize at most once; In case of winning twice, the first time shall prevail;

2. About the Lucky draw: We will hold lucky draw twice. We will draw 10 users each time at 18:00 on April 16 and April 20. Winner can win the prize at most once. The list of winners will be released on Reddit within 3 working days after the events ends. The deduction amount will be charged into the account within 7 days after the event ends. Please have a check then.

3. About the prize: A single purchasing OG order (excluding value-added service fees) consumed by the winners during the event will be free of charge. SUGARGOO will calculate and return the deduction account according to the OG number provided by the winners. The maximum amounts to 1000 RMB! And it cannot be withdrawn!

Note: Orders that have been exempted do not support returns and exchanges. In case of a return, the consumption amount will not be refunded.


Benefit two: Shipping fee coupons amounting to millions!


Freight subsidies hit! SUGARGOO gives out shipping fee coupons in limited quantities for you!

Coupon remainder daily updating time: 10:00 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. Beijing time


Coupon code

50 No threshold


20 off when over300


60 off when over600


120 off when over1200


>>>Activate Channel

The coupon will be valid for 30 days after it is successfully activated, and it will automatically expire after the expiration date; If the activation fails, it means that the coupons of the day is not enough, and you can wait for the next time to participate.


1. During the event, we will give out four kinds of coupons with different values in limited quantity at 10:00 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. Beijing time every day, And the coupon code needs to be activated immediately!

2. Each user can only get one coupon for each different denomination, and one person can get four coupons of different denominations at most: a ¥50 No threshold coupon /a ¥20 off when over¥300 coupon/a ¥60 off when over¥600 coupon/a ¥120 off when over¥1200 coupon. The same terminal equipment, the same IP address, the same SUGARGOO account and the same PayPal account are regarded as the same user;

3. The coupon is only for international parcel delivery. One coupon is for one parcel. Do not support using twice or stack using.

4. The coupon will be valid for 30 days after it is successfully activated, and it will automatically expire after the expiration date; We will not supply again.


Benefit three: Delicate products for Mother's Day, with up to 70% off!

Intro: Mother’s Day is in warm April. SUGARGOO will upload some in Mother's Day select gifts zone, which is high-quality and inexpensive, with the products up to 70% off and free domestic shipping fee!

>>> Mother's Day select gifts zone

Freebie: Consuming over 599 in the zone and you can get an exquisite gift for free.



1. The price of the products in Mother's Day select gifts zone is the discounted price, you can directly place an order and make a payment.

2. Consuming over 599 in the zone and you can get an exquisite gift for free. It will be presented into your account. You can check in” Member center”-“Orders”. Pay zero and then you claim it successfully.


About Returns&Exchanges

① The products in the Mother's Day select gifts zone are not self-operated or sold by SUGARGOO. If you need to return or exchange the product, please communicate with us through the order message.

② If your consumption amount in the zone is less than 599 yuan after the return, we will not be able to present you exquisite gifts, and the exquisite gifts which has presented will automatically become invalid.


Benefit four: Hot-shops exclusive discount, up to 20% off!


Surprise! Come and enjoy exclusive discounts on the goods of SUGARGOO partners! Up to 20% off!

Hot shops& the benefits

Click and go to partner merchants to learn more:

1. 胖东来超级性价比折扣店



4. 优雅蝴蝶

5. CARMEN卡門原創飾品

6. 马克思主义Marxism

7. Deeds notwords

8. 168shops

9. 星球之恋



1. If you place an order and pay successfully during the activity, you can enjoy the exclusive preferential discount. When purchasing for you, the buyer will adjust the price to the preferential price, and the difference will be returned to your SUGARGOO account.

2. The list of lucky winners will be released within 7 working days after the activity ends, and the prize will be charged into the account. Please have a check then.  


Benefit five: Parcel insurance service fee in designated logistics route with 50% off. The maximum of the insured amount is 1500 RMB!


During the activity,selecting the designated logistic routes will enjoy parcel insurance service fee discount with 50% off. 

How to do

1. When submitting, select the designated route to send the package and pay the shipping fee successfully

2. Purchase [Parcel insurance service] and pay successfully. Note the package order number (beginning with s).

>>>Submitting now

>>>Purchasing parcel insurance service 

>>>Learn about the Price Guarantee Service, the maximum guarantee is 1500 RMB! 

The intro of the designated routes:


1. The parcel insurance service which is not purchased between 7th Apr. and 20th Apr. will not enjoy the discount. Please make sure your service order is within the activity period.

2. Eligible packages can enjoy a half-price discount of [Parcel insurance service], there is no limit to the number of packages, and only one [Parcel insurance service] can be purchased for each package;

3. The amount will be returned to your account within 7 working days after the activity ends.


The statements and activities above are the entire content of this event.  

Go to claim your benefits! Please click


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>>>SUGARGOO NEW START NOW event instructions

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our online customer service. Wish you a happy shopping!

The power of final interpretation within the scope of the law shall be granted to SUGARGOO.