15%OFF shipping
15%OFF shipping

【40%off】Limited-time Value Benefits Package ¥600 For ¥1000

Welcome to the next 3 months of gifts and service benefit  that SUGARGOO&PayPal has in store for you!

What surprise benefits can you get in the next 3 months?

>>>Mysterious gift revealed!

Gift  1: Up to 15% off coupon, total value 690 yuan!

①20 yuan coupon (available for over 20.1 yuan) * 3 pieces

②Over 500 yuan minus 60 yuan coupon (12% off)*3 pieces

③Over 1000 yuan minus 150 yuan (15% off)*3 pieces


Gift  2: Package value-added service, the total value is 360 yuan!

[Insured Parcel Service] (90RMB)*3 times

[Waterproof packaging] (10 yuan) * 3 times

[Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box] (20 yuan) * 3 times


Gift  3: Surprise lucky bag goods, the total value is 3,000 yuan!

①200 points*3 copies

②Boutique lucky bag (shoes) (worth 400-1000 yuan)*3 copies

>>> Description:

①During the event, from 6.20 to 6.30, 1,000 yuan value gift bag 600 yuan, limited purchase, and the gift does not support return or exchange;

②The user successfully purchases the  [Super benefits package], the gift package will be given to the account in 3 months, and the distribution months are July, August and September, and a gift package package will be given on the 5th of each month. The details of the gift package are as follows

Gift 1: Up to 15% OFF coupon

Gift 2: Parcel value-added services

Gift 3: Surprise lucky baggoods + points

①20 yuan coupon (available forover 20.1 yuan) * 1 piece

[Insured Parcel Service(90RMB)*1 time

①200 points*1 copy

②Over 500 yuan minus 60 yuan coupon (12% off)*1 piece

②[Waterproof packaging] (10 yuan)*1 time

②Boutique lucky bag (shoes)

(value 400-1000 yuan)*1 copy

③Over 1000 yuan minus 150 yuan (15% off)*1 piece

③[Peripheral Reinforcement for Outer Box] (20 yuan) * 1 time



③ Gift services and gifts, please use them before the specified expiration date. After the expiration date, they will automatically become invalid and cannot be redeemed or reissued.

④Lucky bag - a sample of shoes, the specific product is subject to the actual product received.


>>> Instructions for use:

Every month, the staff will distribute gifts on the 5th of the month. For the details of the gifts, please refer to the description of the gift package ②. The usage methods are as follows:

①Coupon: The coupon needs to be activated in the same month, and it is valid for 30 days after activation, and it will automatically expire after the expiration date;


②Package value-added service: The value-added service is directly delivered to your SUGARGOO account through the order. Please select the package value-added service order when submitting the product or submitting the package. The staff will arrange the service for your package. The package value-added service is valid until September 2022. On the 30th of the month, please use it before the expiration date, and it will automatically expire after the expiration date;


③Points and gifts for lucky bags: Points and gifts will go directly to your SUGARGOO account. You can check whether they have arrived on the 6th day. The styles of high-quality lucky bags (shoes) will be given randomly and cannot be returned or exchanged. Expired automatically expires.


For users who have made a successful purchase, we will take the initiative to contact you to confirm the size of the shoes again. 1 user can confirm 1 size. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service within working days to serve you. Thank you for your support and wish you happy shopping.

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