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【Up to 32% OFF】 Excellent sound quality, no feeling to wear, refuse to disconnect! Bluetooth headset recommended!

With the booming development of audio and video, lightweight Bluetooth headphones are indispensable in life, but in the process of using headphones, are you dissatisfied with the poor sound quality? Do you experience ear pain from prolonged wearing? Are you annoyed by the occasional disconnection?


These problems are solved by the selected earphones in SUGARGOO Mall!


We have selected two of the most cost-effective earphones for you after continuous comparison and testing among countless types of Bluetooth earphones! Excellent sound quality, no feeling to wear, refuse to disconnect! At the same price, both the appearance and texture are excellent!


So next, let's take a look at what these two headphones excel at~


1. Viken 4th Generations of Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Audio-visual Enjoyment: Bluetooth 5.2 chip, lossless sound quality, not be disconnected, listening to songs, calls, and games can be easily controlled.


Perfect Experience: dual MIC noise reduction, super clear, restore sound details, immersive enjoyment!

Lowest available price: $28.61 (original price: $45.22>>>Buy now

2. Viken 2nd Generations of Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Ultra-high Quality: intelligent matching connection, excellent HIFI sound effect, restore music texture!


Widely Applicable: Android and IOS are universal, free and unlimited!

Lowest available price: $25.1 (original price: $36.9>>>Buy now

Recommended Accessories: IOS data cable

Fast charging + lightning transmission, supporting all devices with Lightning interface such as iPhone, iPad, headphones, etc., stable and safe!


Using nylon braided wire, not easy to wear and tear, a long-lasting use!

Lowest available price: $3.19 (original price: $4.69>>>Buy now

Do you think the text is not intuitive enough? Check out the product demonstration video here to help you learn more about the SUGARGOO featured earphones:

Now the above products have entered the SUGARGOO MALL, enjoy the  exclusive discounts for the anniversary, buy more and save you more! up to 32% OFF!


Limited Time Offer >>> SUGARGOO MALL


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