[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

Damage Alert! How to protect the shoes?!

Rep fams, shoes really need better protection!

Usually shoes will be protected by the paper filling inside them. But what we do is international shipping! Long and unexpected. So only this protection works not well or not enough at least.

How to prevent the annoying deformations as above? Its really upset when unboxing the new haul.

Here's the cure! SUGARGOO newly launches a protection service, which

adopts the shoe tree made of high-quality molded cardboard materials. Reps fams should have a try!

Whats the purpose of it?

1. It will hold the shoe in shape and correctly keep creases at bay;

2. It will effectively prevent the shoes from being squeezed and deformed during transportation;

3. It will wick away any moisture preventing odour;

4. It can be used repeatedly for the shoes in boxes to prevent deformation and softening of shoes after long-term storage;

If you choose [Shoe Box Removal], it is recommended that you use [Shoe Tree protection] to better protect your shoes in international transportation!


Check [Shoe Tree Protection] on the "submit package" page;

Cost: 10 RMB / piece

Weight: about 30g

SUGARGOO sincerely listens to your voice and will launch more good services in the future. Look forward to it! YOUR PERSISTENCE IS WORTH!


Tips: After using this service, come to share your wonderful experience in the SUGARGOO official reddit community, share and earn points, come and participate!

About the parcel delivery, these may help you:

8.18Update】 SUGARGOO helps you choose the best transportation route ~ the latest analysis of logistics timeliness!


 SUGARGOO good helper for logistics| Recommendation? Save money & Fast? Easily satisfied! ! !

Insured Parcel】⏫Upgrades! Insure your parcel and The maximum compensation is up to 2,500RMB!


What should we do when our package is delayed?


Your hat needs this urgently, hat protection service is online!






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