April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z
April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z

Up to 5,000 yuan! Recover my losses with the help of Insured Parcel Service!

Triple killMy 3 packages were seized by customs. The insured Parcel service allowed me to recover all my losses!

International parcels sent abroad need to go through foreign customs. The probability of parcels being taxed depends on the frequency of customs spot checks and the impact of policies. It has always been a worrying issue for parcel transportation to be inspected/confiscated by the customs!

When the package accident really happens, it may be too late to remedy!

What should we do?

Instead of worrying so much, why not just buy Insured Parcel Service?

In the event of a parcel accident, the maximum guarantee is 5,000 yuan!

Now, SUGARGOO continues to improve the package transportation experience in response to various situations of international logistics transportation, and [Insured Parcel Service] has thus ushered in a more comprehensive and new guarantee:

① "Parcel return" and "partial loss of goods in the package" are included in the protection scope of [Insured Parcel Service];

② [Insured Parcel Service] can be purchased within 72 hours after submitting the parcel and paying the fee on SUGARGOO ;

③【Insured Parcel Service】Provide a longer time limit, more types of compensation , and a higher amount of insurance for your parcel!

Appropriate insurance can greatly improve the ability of our parcel delivery to resist accidental risks!

Buy Now>>>SUGARGOO【Insured Parcel Service】

Finally, friends in the community are welcome to leave comments and share their own package delivery experience. We will pay attention to and answer your questions in the comment area!