April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z
April Offer Continues —— US-Express-Z

March Limited Time Offer——US-Express-Z

Experience America's Best with 35% off on US-Express-Z,and To Win Free Delivery

Event time (Beijing time): March 1st 10:00:00-March 31st 23:59:59


During the activity period, choose [US-Express-Z] to submit package, you can enjoy 35% OFF for the first weight. Enjoy local FEDEX delivery;

After successfully submitting and paying the shipping fee, you will have a chance to win a free international logistics fees! (Eg: 5kg parcel, less than $80)

Lucky Draw

10 winners will be drawn, and each winner will get a free international shipping for a single package. The result of the lucky draw will be announced before 18:00:00 on April 3;


1. Select [US-Express-Z] on SUGARGOO during the activity period to submit the package. After paying the international shipping fee, the package status will display "Paid" status. Comment and leave a message under this SUGARGOO>>>Reddit post event, and you will be shortlisted lucky draw list;

Comment content: The package number that paid for the international shipping fee (the package number starting with S)

2. The package payment time must be within the activity time (Beijing time), from 10:00:00 on March 1, 2023 to 23:59:59 on March 31, 2023, to participate in lucky draw to win free shipping;

3. The discount amount is based on the final shipping fee. Each user is limited to one participation, and the same terminal device, IP address, PayPal account, and SUGARGOO account are all considered as the same user.

4. The discounted amounts will be returned to your SUGARGOO account within 7 working days after the event ends. The discounted amounts can be used for consumption on the SUGARGOO platform or to pay for international shipping, and cash withdrawal is not supported;

Calculation method and description:

1. Calculation method: During the activity period, the first weight: ¥65/500g, the additional weight: ¥45/500g, the operating fee: ¥30/ticket; whichever is greater between the volume weight and the actual weight, the volume ratio/7000;

2. Tax free instructions: declare tax free within USD 100;

3. The time limit for package arrival: about 14 working days on average;

4. Maximum weight limit: 15000g;

5. Shipping restrictions: Products that cannot be sent include built-in batteries, supporting batteries, charging treasures, kitchen knives, liquid powder (above 150ml), liquid powder (within 150ml), food/drugs, glasses, and other items that are expressly prohibited by laws and regulations;

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