[Insured Parcel Service]
 [Insured Parcel Service]

What are the benefits of centralized package delivery?

Centralized transportation of parcels will save you a lot of international shipping fee: Combine your multiple items and mail them.

Take EMS sent to the United States as an example, the billing price is: the first weight is 160 RMB/500g, the additional weight is 55 RMB/500g, and the operation fee is 4 RMB

If you have 3 items, send them in 3 parcels, and the weight of the items are: 500g, 1200g, 2100g.

The cost details are

Package 1: 160+4=164rmb

Package 2: 160+55*2+4=274rmb

Package 3: 160+55*4+4=384rmb

Total: 822rmb


Choose centralized delivery, the total amount of 3 products is 3800g

The cost details are


Cost savings of 273 yuan, you can save 33% of mailing costs